Living Mind Technologies

Internet of Things Software Solution

Living Mind Technologies (LMT) is a technology solutions company formed by experienced technology people based in Pune, India.

We started working in the areas of

• Internet of things solutions

• Services for Building Center of excellence in the Areas of Product design & development

Internet of Things Solutions....................

Holistic way by combining different trends together & creating altogether a new innovative value out of it

We give Solution to :

 • Who want to get IOT process design support like programming ,analytics , Dashboards using software  Python , Java , C &  cloud platform Microsoft Azure

 • Who want to introduce new product with IOT

 • Who want to adapt IOT value chain to existing product

Building Center of Excellence ................

With a Collective experience of many years to build the "Center of Excellence" , "Design Center" & managing it for years by establishing it from scratch, we propose to build a Center of excellence for our client.

We know various industrial domains very well , we know the people development practices, we know the various quality & execution processes . With this we have experience of building a high quality COE

Internet of Things Software Solutions :

We propose Internet of Things Solutions with two perspectives one with process solutions in which we solutions in which customer who design product & we support them in the IOT process like data acquisition , Cloud data management , Analytics , Dashboards & Reports by using various software languages like Python , Java ,C .

For any Internet of things value chain acquiring data from the sensors is one of the critical thing .

We provide development & support services

• Build system to get data from Sensor to gateway through local communication like Zigbee, BLE ,WiFi in digital form

Gateway system :

• Build system to collect, normalize & store data by using Linux, Python , C , C++

• Edge Analytics : Build local logic , algorithm for real time decision, Complex data collection

• Connecting to cloud

Cloud data Management

• Data Storage system in Cloud

• Data normalization

• Preparing data for analytics in Cloud

Data without any meaning has no use .With our focus being on analyzing data , we derive a meaning out of data to derive practical solutions for either efficiency or enhancing system

We use different algorithms on industrial data and create meaning out of it along with our domain experts & propose innovative solutions .

Effective dashboard design:

We understand practical aspect of domains We know how to apply UX design principles ,Our extensive experience of user needs with our domain experts.

We have experience of developing it on Andorid, Web



  • Street (HQ): 201, Sneh Symphony Beside Safe Express Balewadi
  • City: Pune
  • Postcode: 411045
  • State: Maharashtra
  • Country: India


  • Prashant Choudhari
  • Founder -CEO
  • Telephone: +919011041156
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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