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TotalSoft, a leading software provider in CEE

TotalSoft, a leading software provider in CEE

TotalSoft is one of the most important providers of business software providers in Central and Eastern Europe, and the leading ERP producer in Romania, with a constant presence in Top 5 largest software companies nationwide.

Established in 1994, TotalSoft is a mature and highly experienced company in designing, developing and implementing software solutions for medium and large companies.

With over 1,500 customers in the private and public sector in 39 countries, TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in verticals such as financial-banking, leasing, distribution, retail, medical, utilities, constructions, engineering, production, services or public administration. 70% of TotalSoft's solutions enjoys international presence, their exports generating a third of the revenues recorded by the company.

TotalSoft is Microsoft partner since 1997, and today it holds the highest competency level - Gold Certification - in CRM solutions, BI, Data Platform, Application Development, Application Integration, SharePoint and Document Management.  Other company's certifications include Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation, Enterprise Manager & Content Management, Database and Golden Gate.

TotalSoft has successful implementations in 39 countries:

America: USA, Canada, BrazilEurope (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Sweden, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia), Asia (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, China, Israel)Africa (Senegal, Maroc)

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Veronica Vasilescu

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20 October 2015

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