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Cloud Services: one step closer to the digital future
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  • Cloud services are a "faster and better" answer for clients' needs in the fast-paced world of IT. Evergrowing number of data, applications and devices makes the progress unavoidable. Cloud services are a genie that enormously speeds up the software development processes, gives the ability to manage more tasks and devices, process more data and deliver new products faster.

    Read more

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Mobile Commerce Whitepaper
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  • In this white paper we will go through all the basic aspects of mobile commerce, including the business as well as the technology side of the whole thing.
    Mobile commerce transactions continues to grow, and the term includes the purchase and sale of a wide range of goods and services, online banking,
    bill payment, information delivery and so on.
    The mobile commerce trend is huge. The sales from mobile phones only in the U.S. are projected to reach about $150 billion in 2015.
    Read more in our White Paper.

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Nearshoring IT Services from Poland
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