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Global Internet Information Security White Paper
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  • Despite the enveironment in which 60% of employees admit to taking sensitive data before they leave a company and 20% of data breaches are caused by malicious insiders, hacking still remains the biggest single threat of data loss to companies.

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  • IT-Outsourcing
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China's Intellectual Property Protection in 2010
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  • In 2010, regular IP legislations were made according to the needs of economic and social development with the outcome of steadily improved IP laws, regulations,rules and relevant regulatory documetns.

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Hengtian Reporting System
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  • Reports are one of the most basic and important management tools for any enterprise, as they provide a direct presentation of data. The requirements of industry reports are ever-changing-enterprises within the same industry ofen have different requirements.Thus, an efficient and flexible reporting process that meets a company's personalized management needs is essential.

  • White papers & brochures
  • IT-Outsourcing
  • EN=English

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